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Riceland - Rice Products
Riceland Foods Inc.
Growers and producers of long grain rice, parboiled rice and rice blends. Riceland Foods is a farmer-owned cooperative based out of Arkansas that was formed in 1921 and has grown to become the world's largest miller of rice
Farmers' Rice Cooperative, Sacramento, CA
Farmer's Rice Cooperative
Farmers’ Rice Cooperative is the largest grower-owned rice marketing cooperative in California. Farmer’s Rice is located in Sacramento and specializes in White Calrose (Sushi style) rice, California Brown Rice, and Sweet Rice.
Nippon Industries
Nippon Industries focuses on high quality IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) rice and grains, combining the desirable healthy aspects of whole grains and the convenience of microwave ready food.
Otis McAllister
Otis McAllister
Otis McAllister is a leading global food company providing the highest quality grains from around the world including Basmati from India, Arborio & Farro from Italy and Quinoa from Peru.


HNH Nut Company
The HNH Nut Co. has been farming in the San Joaquin Valley since 1906. They are known around the world for producing premium California pecans.


Guerra Nut Shelling
Guerra Nut Shelling
The Guerra Family has been growing walnuts since 1947 and is now led by the family’s third generation. They continue to process their premium quality walnuts and ship them globally.


Del Rey Packing Company
Del Rey Packing
After more than 80 years and three generations at Del Rey Packing Company, they still remain committed to “Quality First”. Del Rey packs premium quality California raisins to your specifications.
Sweet Dried Fruit
Sweet Dried Fruit
A unique family run company that offers superior quality raisins from around the world. They pride themselves on honest customer service and attractively priced products.
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